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Write a polynomial equation with imaginary roots

Cubic function - pedia "Algebra" derives from the first word of the famous text composed by Al-Khwarizmi. Al-Khwarizmi also wrote a treatise on Hindu-Arabic numerals. If x − r1 is factored out of the cubic polynomial, what remains is a quadratic polynomial whose roots r2 and r3. If we are dealing with a cubic equation.

Polynomial Equation Solver - CodeProject Here is source code of the C# Program to Find Roots of a Quadratic Equation. The reason is that the algorithm extracts the found roots from the orinal equation, and with a too. Which returns imaginary solutions for the root 1-.

Finding Real and Imaginary Roots of a Polynomial Equation - YouTube However, the method for solving cubics has actually existed for centuries! This video focuses on how to find the real and imaginary roots of a polynomial equation. In particular, I show students how to factor a 4th degree.

Write a polynomial equation with imaginary roots:

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